Reliable, single or multi-redundant video, data and UTM link to connect, manage and control your drone fleet globally with a single platform

main features

Global Coverage

We are a M2M MVNO and connect you with UTM and BVLOS Connectivity with the lowest latency* in over 140+ destinations growing every month.

Private Network

Your data-link will features a 100% private end-to-end encrypted VPN infrastructure deployed in Tier III/IV data centers on our server infrastructure.

Air & Ground Terminals

To ensure a reliable, robust and safe encrypted UTM and drone data link, BEYOND relies on rugged industrial-grade air and ground terminals.

Multi-Network M2M SIM cards

Our reinforced, industrial grade M2M SIM Cards are specifically designed for UTM & BVLOS Connectivity with a -40° C / +105° C temperature resistance.

Fleet Management

Plan, track, analyze and improve your fleet operations. Increase efficiency by automating fleet management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, battery changes and more.

Control Room Dashboard

Keep all your vital data under control. The BEYOND Platform provides you with all management tools needed to manage and monitor your connected infrastructure and devices.

MAVlink Compatibility

Our air & ground terminals are compatible with the most MAVlink based autopilots and ground control softwares available on the market. Any other autopilot system can be easily added.

Endless Scalability

BEYOND can scale up from a single up to tousands of remote vehicles, ground terminals and users. Systems can be deployed globally and managed from a central or multiple locations.

Satellite Backup Link

When your primary cellular network provider fails, a failover to a satellite link will be established. Maintain UTM and command & control continuity with any unexpected event.

*Latency optimization is a very complex task. Contact us for more information.


The most easiest way for UTM Service Provider and Authorities to securely identify operators and drones


140+ destinations growing every month

The Connectivity Issue We Address

UTM & BVLOS operations requires a reliable, multi-redundant long range and cross border data connectivity. You can't rely on a single network carrier and cellular network only. BEYOND is your data connectivity backbone service enabling reliable, multi-redundant connectivity so that you can stay focused on you main business. We relieve you of the pain of choosing the right UTM & BVLOS connectivity solution. 

What else we provide?

Project Management

Each project is individual with specific operational goals. Let's discuss your personal project requirements to shape the best solution that will meet your expectations.


UTM & BVLOS infrastructures are made from single pieces, including antenna masts, rugged remote control transmitters, battery managements systems, on-field or office solutions. We bring all the pieces to a single picture.


BEYOND features a powerful API Stack built for easy and rapid customizations. Let's work together to quickly integrate your specific requirements, payload, video or third-party applications.


BEYOND is a 360° UTM & BVLOS Connectivity solution provider. We supply you with all components you need to successfully get connected in the UTM environment and your BVLOS operations. We provide hardware VPN Ground and Air Terminals, Data Center VPN-HUB connectivity, M2M SIM cards with the right data plan for global use, and the Web based Fleet Management Application.

Sure! Depending on your flight controller/autopilot setup, we provide you with the right Serial, PPM, CAN, PWM or Ethernet interface.

Nothing easiest than that! Just connect your PX4 “Telemetry 1/2” port to the VPN AIR Terminal’s serial port and you are connected.

Yes, you’re not obligated to use our Web-based Fleet Management Application if you don’t need it. Use any control software you want.

Yes we do! We are protocol-independent and can handle any protocol you need.

No, you don’t. Our VPN AIR Terminals provide you with the necessary interfaces you need to control your remote vehicles.

Yes and No. Our M2M SIM cards and Data Plans are worldwide ready (check coverage maps), however some countries have to be requested to be activated. This is a cost security feature for you!

If you have the Satellite Backup option, you will be automatically connected to our Satellite Network and get an update each 10-15 seconds. You can also send control commands, such as RTL, Land, and more. For larger drones, we also offer IP based broadband (100-200 Kbits) Satellite Connectivity.

NO, NEVER! Every customer will operate in its own private network infrastructure. Operating remote vehicles for business purposes in a Public Cloud is not safe.

Yes we do! Initially it will be a “Light Version” as the worldwide legislations have not yet publicised a final “Minimum Aviation System Performance Specification (MASPS)” for UTM Tracking Devices.

You get connected to your preferred UTM Service Provider through our UTM Gateway Service.

Sure! We have a dedicated “DJI GO® SIM Card” to allow you to get the best mobile connectivity to download Google® Maps backgrounds.

Absolutely no! All our M2M SIM cards are made to offer the most flexible and reliable connectivity with the best data plan for drone and unmanned vehicle applications.

NO! We don’t offer integrated video encoders. The reason behind is that every application have his unique requirements and expectations in camera interfaces (LVDS/SDI/HDMI/IP/Analog), stream protocol and quality (H.264, H.265, MPEG-TS, JPEG2000) or camera protocol (VISCA, ONVIF, PELCO). We work with selected partner that can supply you with the right video encoder systems or native IP based camera gimbals tailored to your specific needs.

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